Barry Good Photographics

Spending the next 12 years being responsible for maintaining the Highest possible Quality of project after project sharpened my eye, my visual sense of what is pleasing.

It is this skill set that I bring to today's modern Digital SLR cameras & to the software that hones the captured image into one of Vision or one of Creation.

I have found that wherever I turn, it is likely there is some unique moment, a single form or shape or color, that my mind's eye captures and modern technology allows me to possess & recreate.

Welcome to My World:  Life Through My Lens ...

My adult working life has gravitated around the Graphic Arts industries since 1976.

Two years at University as an English Literature Major brought me to a crossroads.

The road I chose was aimed towards commercial offset printing.

Spending my first year as both a Lithographic Cameraman & an Image Assembler, I found my eagerness & thirst for knowledge unquenchable.

A stay in San Francisco for five years offered many new & exciting Graphic Arts experiences, including a stint as an ink mixer in a Label Printing House. 

Moving back to my hometown, Philadelphia, I took a position as a Platemaker, creating printing plates for large offset presses. This position soon morphed into one focusing on Quality & Quality Control.

My Short Biography