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    21.January.2017 Update

    Waltzing in Morris Arboretum Infrared image

    juried into FOCUS ON SCULPTURE  show

    at Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ

    28.November.2016 Update

    Installation Complete of 8 pieces

    (various sizes the largest 30 x 45) going into

    the Aria - Jefferson Urgent Care Center at

    800 North Delaware Ave., Phila.

    10.October.2016 UPDATE

    Installation Complete of 3 Boathouse Row images going into Penn Medicine

    22.November.2015 UPDATE

    Installation Complete of 3 pieces sized 24x36 into the Aria Urgent Care Center at 2451 Grant Ave., Phila. 

    25.March.2015 UPDATE

    Installation Complete of 8 Pieces into the Office of Dr. William Henry, ENT. 

    04.July.2014 UPDATE

    Installation Complete of 3 pieces sized 40x60 into the New Emergency Department at ARIA Torresdale Campus. 

    04.July.2014 UPDATE

    Installation Complete of 2 pieces into

    ​ARIA 3B - Northeast

    (formerly the Muscle Bone & Joint Center.)

    11.May.2014 UPDATE

    Installation complete of 18 pieces into the Corporate Office & two Outpatient Facilities of Aria Health. 

    "You can hear the silence call,
    ​it's a certain sort of sound, Like the rain fallin' down."

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